Meet Jennifer - a Gen X mom who is getting her first Last Will & Testament.

Hi.  My name is Jennifer, and I don’t have a Last Will & Testament.  

There, I said it.  

 In fact,I have nothing at all planned as far as aging and end-of-life planning goes.  Should I feel embarrassed about that?  Ashamed? Guilty?  I don’t think so.  

Surveys say I’m not alone.  In fact, approximately 40% of Canadians (over 18) do not have a Last Will & Testament.  

That makes me one of 12 million people!  But thankfully it’s not too late.

I’ve probably had the same excuses as everyone else:

 I’m too young.

It’s too expensive.

I just don’t want to think about it.  


Aging and end-of-life hasn’t affected me personally until the last few years with my parents own aging, downsizing, moving into a retirement home and with the passing of my father last year.  Thankfully, my mother was able to move in with us.  

I am Generation X - the largest segment of the population who is also part of the sandwich generation – we in some capacity care for both our children and our parents.  There is just so much involved during this stage of life and therefore certain things get put on the back burner and not given the importance they should.  But it needs to be more of a priority, and it needs to be talked about.  This is where Viive Planning comes in!


My own experience with my parents paired with working as an administrative assistant at Viive, has really made me astutely aware of the importance of aging and end-of-life planning.  


It is so much more than having a Will in place (although a Will is a great start!).


Viive is there to help you develop a plan, discuss the plan with those closest to you and store the plan securely so that you and your family are prepared for what life brings your way.  They have many support people in place, called Trusted Partners, who are ready and available to assist you with the tasks that you need to undertake to be well planned for your future.  


Honestly though, the thing that bothers me the most about not having a Will yet is not having had a guardian chosen and in place for my daughter. My husband and I have now started the process of having our Wills drafted and that brings such a sense of peace now knowing that we are taking care of this.  


About the Author

Jennifer Braker was an Administrative Assistant at Viive Planning. She lives with her husband, young daughter, and aging mother. Since this blog has been published, Jennifer & her husband have signed their Last Wills & Testaments and are happily living knowing that their futures, and the future of their beloved daughter, are planned for.

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