• Paul and Karen felt overwhelmed by the idea of Aging & End of Life Planning, so they got in touch with Viive.
  • Viive Founder & CEO Mallory helped them put together a comprehensive plan, and will help them keep it up to date over time.
  • "While the idea of Aging & End of Life Planning can seem grim, working with Viive was not."
A letter to anyone considering Viive

We are a couple who had never thought much about Aging & End of Life planning. Although our age puts us in the “senior” category, we have the good fortune of being healthy and active, and we're very much looking forward to the coming years.

While we have been prudent with our finances and have worked for years with a good financial planner, there were still some important things missing.

As we are now looking at transitioning from our working lives to a new forever home in a quieter community, it was time to do a full review of where we are, where we are going, what happens if our situation changes, and what kind of legacy we will leave to our growing family. This is where Mallory and her team at Viive came in.

We knew that a lot of our important legal documents were out of date. In some cases, we had simply never gotten around to having them done. Our assets are in a number of different places, and we didn’t have an overall picture of whether they were working for us as well as they should.

We have also been in the role of Executor for other family members who have passed away, and one thing we knew was that we never wanted to leave behind the kind of confusion we faced with their estates.    

Not having the skill set for this, and not really knowing where to start, we turned to Mallory. She patiently worked with us to do a full and comprehensive review of where we stand, both now and in the long term.

It was a chance to look at care choices, like who will take charge if we find ourselves needing that kind of assistance. It highlighted areas of concern that we needed to address. Overall, the process helped us find out things we didn’t realize about our situation that will have a positive effect on how we plan our next stage of life.    

How our Aging & End of Life Plan is benefiting our kids

This process hasn't only been positive for us. It has also given our kids greater confidence. They now know that we have a strategy for how our needs will be taken care of. It’s a plan that will not just allow us a full and worthwhile retirement but will also deal with changes in our living situation right up to the end of our lives.

It also means that when the time comes for our children to deal with our finances, they will not find a disorganized burden. Everything will be complete and easy to understand. That will allow them to focus on the benefits of what we leave behind.

We were also happy to know that Mallory had available a network of affordable, like-minded Trusted Partners, who were able to do the things we can’t. We will be taking advantage of their services to make sure that the wishes & desires we outlined with Mallory in our Aging & End of Life Plan are executed accordingly.

As our situation changes, we will be returning to Mallory for guidance to make sure our Plan reflects where we are in life. That way, we will avoid letting the decisions we will all face in our later years be neglected as they have been until now.

While the idea of Aging & End of Life planning can seem grim, working with Viive was not.

It is about knowing where we are right now and being realistic and responsible about what the future holds. It has given us a new confidence that we are doing the right things for ourselves and our family.

We highly recommend Viive to anyone who feels they owe themselves and their loved ones a comprehensive plan for their later years and beyond.

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About the Author

Paul and Karen live in Toronto, ON and worked with Viive Planning on creating the future that they want for themselves.

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