Mallory McGrath walking with a family outside

Viive Planning exists to facilitate conversations around aging & end-of-life planning among families and loved ones. Think of Viive as playing the role of a general contractor in the estate industry. We review the whole project (the life of our client), help them draw up a customized blueprint (their Aging & End-of-Life Plan) and then coordinate with trades (our Trusted Partners) to ensure a smooth process and the family’s satisfaction.

The Problem

There is a significant gap in the aging and end-of-life and legacy planning process in Canada. Traditional estate service providers, such as lawyers and financial advisors, while essential, are each limited in their scope. Limitations such as client privilege may prevent the inclusion of the entire family and potential beneficiaries in the planning process.

Our Unique Solution

Viive Planning’s mission is to help families avoid disagreements, resentment, secrecy or costly litigation when planning for end-of-life, by providing a comprehensive process and support system.

This inclusive model helps preserve family relationships and wealth. Our service focuses on the human element and a family’s dynamics. Collective and collaborative planning among families can result in direct financial benefits along with improved emotional relationships.

The Viive Approach


When you first contact Viive Planning, we meet with you to learn about your goals and desires for your life, your family and your loved ones. We also explore how you envision your aging and end-of-life process. No matter what age or stage you are at in your life, it is important for you to share those views with the ones you hold most dear. It is Viive’s role to help you develop your Plan, discuss this Plan with those closest to you, and store this Plan securely to ensure that you and your family are prepared, no matter where life takes you.


After the initial meeting, we determine whether a collaborative family meeting is appropriate and beneficial. This meeting could include potential individual beneficiaries (and their spouses), and possibly any charities or professional advisors that may already be familiar with you. In case of conflict, family mediation is also an option. This important step allows you to participate actively in the structuring of your plan.

Implement & Guide

This allows Viive Planning to develop a comprehensive and customized plan that includes every priority element for you and your family, complete with target dates to ensure that things are done when they need to be, along with support from key expert partners that help with the execution of the plan. Executor Advisor services are also offered to aid the executor through the difficult process of administering their loved ones’ affairs and open communication with beneficiaries as to the administration process.

Meet Our Founder

“I know from experience that until the dynamics of a family are understood, proper planning will be a struggle; a family’s dynamics define how an aging and end-of-life plan will evolve and ultimately resolve. What brings me most joy is to help families come together.”
Mallory McGrath