Mallory McGrath talking with a family at a patio table

Meet our Founder & CEO
Mallory McGrath

Viive Planning exists to facilitate conversations and foster an appreciation among loved ones for the importance of their legacy, across all aspects of their lives. We help families to speak openly about their wealth, aging and end-of-life plans, without fear of disagreements, hardships, emotional upheaval, or distrust.

Our unique approach is focused on helping our clients create a plan that works for them and working together with their families to help them prepare for the future stages of life. Our ultimate goal is to yield clarity and harmony for a loved one’s aging and end-of-life wishes among their family.

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A smiling family at a patio table

Mallory's Journey

Mallory's Story
Mallory McGrath
“I strongly believe that we need to make conversations about aging and end-of-life care a part of every family’s normal dinner table topics. We talk about birth, the beginning of life with such ease. We need to make it normal to talk about aging and end-of-life in the same way.”

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What is Viive Planning?

Viive Planning is a service dedicated to helping families prepare for aging, end-of-life and legacy through a unique process that fosters collaboration, transparency and harmony.

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What are the benefits of working with Viive?

Viive Planning’s mission is to help families avoid disagreements, resentment, secrecy or costly litigation when planning for end-of-life, by providing a comprehensive process and support system. This inclusive model helps preserve family relationships and wealth. Our service focuses on the human element and a family’s dynamics. Collective and collaborative planning among families can result in direct financial benefits along with improved emotional relationships.

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Why do I need to plan my end-of-life?

Dying and death do not only affect the person who is dying. Death impacts everyone in the dying person’s circle of life and caring, be it the spouse, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings or friends. Here we are talking not just about the “burden of care,” but the painful experience of witnessing the suffering and eventual loss of someone they love. At the same time, family members face a maze of services and jurisdictions with which they are unlikely to be familiar. Viive helps families navigate this terrain ahead of time so that as you age, you have the peace of mind to have a plan and your family will avoid hardships.

Partnering with SideDrawer

At Viive, we understand the critical nature of your legal and financial documents and we have partnered with SideDrawer, a highly secure cloud storage solution, to meet your needs.

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