Through our experience with Viive Planning, we learned just how important it was to look carefully at that minutiae, and to prepare a comprehensive plan for aging and end-of-life.

My husband and I like to be proactive and we thought that we had already covered all the basics in preparing for aging and end of life. We had our Wills and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care drawn up years ago and prepaid for services at a Funeral Home in our community. Recently we realized that none of these things addressed our on-line digital lives and how they would need to be erased, nor did they fully express our wishes regarding personal care during the aging process and at end-of-life. It also became clear to us that it could be very difficult for our children to have to deal with the minutiae of our lives as our daughter lives abroad and our son travels the country for work, sometimes for long stints.

Through our experience with Viive Planning, we learned just how important it was to look carefully at that minutiae, to prepare a comprehensive plan for aging and end-of-life, and then to share all the details of that plan with everyone who was to be involved at any stage.

Mallory McGrath, Founder and CEO of Viive Planning, was extremely thorough and helpful, ensuring that all aspects of our lives were considered in the development of our plan and in the process of communicating our wishes clearly and succinctly. She worked collaboratively with us to compile all relevant information regarding family and professional relationships, memberships, personal preferences, location of important documents, virtual accounts, regular expenses, projected income, etc. Once the process was complete, she hosted a meeting with all the named interested parties so everyone would be “on the same page,” and any questions that might arise could be addressed at that time.  

Viive Planning is committed to the families that they work with, and this includes a commitment of confidentiality and privacy.

They have partnered with SideDrawer, a Canadian based secure cloud storage company. SideDrawer’s platform was easy to use and gives us the peace of mind to know that all of our important information and documentation is safe and secure in an online system that we, and Mallory, have access to. If ever there were an emergency or one of us passed away, we have the assurance that the documentation needed by our Attorney/Executor could be accessed for the role that they have before them. 

As well as the original consultation and development of our Aging & End-of-Life Plan, Viive’s service also includes periodic reviews and assistance when retrieval of the plan information is required. 

We are extremely pleased with all aspects of Viive Planning’s service and its collaborative approach to aging and end-of-life planning. We highly recommend it.

About the Author

Carolyn & Gord Humphrey, of Port Perry, ON, are clients at Viive Planning. They worked collaboratively with Viive and their own family to ensure that they were planned the beautiful feature they have ahead of them.

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