Epilogue has created a FREE Social Media Will to help you to protect your digital legacy.

For some of us, our social media lives are our lives. Just like a shoebox of old photos and letters, our accounts hold a collection of our memories, interests, feelings, and expressions. Choosing which of these pieces to preserve might seem strange to think about, but it’s important. Not just because they can live on forever, but because, just like the shoe box, they are something others can hold on to. This is why we created the Social Media Will. --- Epilogue

I couldn't have said it better myself --- so I took the words that Epilogue uses to describe this amazing, new, FREE tool that they have created through their online platform.

The Social Media Will

Epilogue is one of our Trusted Partners here at Viive Planning and I for one was very excited to hear the announcement that Epilogue and Sharon Hartung of Your Digital Undertaker, had collaborated on this much-needed project.

I value the importance of what they created and I knew that I personally needed a Social Media Will. So I decided to film myself going through the process, and then share it for you all to see:

a) how simple this is;

b) how detailed it is (without being hard and time-consuming!);

c) the importance of protecting your digital legacy.

It took me all of 10 minutes to complete (the video is shorter!) and now my husband and loved ones have a record of what I would like done with my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Accounts. Do yourself, and more importantly your family, a favour and take 10 minutes to create your Social Media Will today.

Check out the video review I did here.

Great job Epilogue!

About the Author

Written by Mallory McGrath, Founder & CEO of Viive Planning -- Mallory is a wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend. She advocates for pre-planning to help families to create open lines of communication and avoid tensions as they all continue on their journeys through life.

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